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ACLS Online Library: Staying Active in Your Golden Years

staying active

As we age, it is important to stay active and healthy. Our bodies change when we get older, and it is essential that the elderly and aging are able to move about and get the exercise they need to stay healthy. It is imperative that older adults get the proper diet as well as exercise as much as they can. Studies have shown that exercising can improve circulation, strengthen the heart and bones, and help prevent various forms of cancer.

The Importance of Exercise for Older Adults

Older adults should get proper exercise and stay moving in order to maintain their physical health. Exercise can help to prevent or delay certain illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Walking, running, swimming, or strength training for at least thirty minutes every day can help older adults keep up their muscle strength. It can also help to ensure they stay independent and can handle daily tasks on their own. Increased energy levels and elevated moods are some other benefits.

Eating Healthy

 Aside from exercise, a proper diet is essential for a healthy life. This applies to children, middle-aged people, and older adults as well. As the human body ages, the dietary needs may change. High fiber diets are important for older adults, as well as increasing calcium, particularly for women. Diets low in fat and sugar can help to decrease the risk of diabetes or heart disease and keep cholesterol levels low. See a nutritionist or talk to your doctor for some healthy eating guidelines.

Tips to Make Exercising Fun

Many people often complain that they do not exercise because it is boring. The best way to combat this problem is to try and find a buddy to exercise with you. Organize a neighborhood walking group, or just find a friend who might like to take daily walks with you. Join your local senior center or YMCA, and take lessons in swimming or other exercises. A book on tape can also help make your workouts go by much faster, and keep you entertained. If you can afford to, buy in-home exercise equipment, and you can watch television while you work out. Brainstorm and come up with ways to add variety to your daily exercise routine so your workouts remain fresh and exciting.

At Home Exercises

Exercise does not just have to be done at the gym or in your neighborhood. There are plenty of ways you can stay physically fit, all while staying in your own home. Exercise videos geared towards older adults can be purchased and used on your own home television. Some simple, daily exercises like stretching can be done daily at home whenever you wish. There are plenty of things you can do at home to stay active, and even gardening or doing things around the house can help keep your body moving.

Where to Exercise

There are many different places where older adults can get their exercise. Often, changing your environment can help make things seem less routine and add a bit of excitement to your daily regimen. Public pools are a great place to do water aerobics or swim some laps. Your local park is a great place to take a nice walk with friends. Many localities have fitness classes designed especially for older adults, so look into these as well. No matter where you choose to exercise, it’s important that you try to do this at least three times per week for about a half hour each time. Write down a few creative places where you think exercise would be beneficial.

Staying active and eating right can help people live longer, healthier lives. By exercising with a friend or attending a fitness class, many older adults find it’s much easier to stick to a plan. Simple exercises that can be performed at home, which will help keep muscles and bones strong. Older adults should remember the importance of exercise, and make sure it becomes a part of their routine.