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September, 2012 - Family History Possible Indicator of Heart Disease

A recent story in the Baltimore Sun highlights family history as a major indicator of heart trouble. A new study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has corroborated this hypothesis. Researchers found the people with a parent or a sibling who died young of heart problems were twice as likely to suffer from heart disease. Find out more.

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Baltimore FAQs

Do you have an ACLS certification office located in Baltimore?

No, we don’t currently have a physical ACLS Baltimore office but we are expanding our physical locations nationwide. At present, the Pacific Medical Training service is 100% online. We regularly renew providers throughout the country for ACLS, BLS, and PALS from the comforts of their own homes.

Are AHA’s changes to the PALS algorithms reflected in the course?

Yes, they are. All of the course material is based on the newest guidelines of AHA including algorithms in our Baltimore PALS certification course.

Can I pay by check for the Baltimore BLS?

Yes, you can contact our customer service department for more information.

Staying Healthy in Baltimore


There’s no shortage of hiking trails in Baltimore and if you’re a resident of the city, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to go too far to appreciate the wonders of nature. You can plan a day hike in any of the state parks within the city. You can go by yourself if you want some peace and quiet or bring a friend to share the experience with. Hiking can be tiring but it’s also something you shouldn’t worry about as each hiking trail has many places where you can stop and rest for a while. There are also picnic areas for a bigger group of hikers. Hiking is a great form of exercise. It strengthens your core and improves your balance. It also helps you maintain your weight and boost your mood. So next time you’re feeling anxious, all you have to do is go out and hike.


When winter comes, that’s not an excuse to stay indoors and never leave the house. Let winter be your excuse to get out instead. There are many ski resorts in Baltimore that offer acres for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. Whether it’s your first time to ski and just want a new fun activity to learn or an experiences skier, the ski areas in Baltimore will definitely give you what you’re looking for. Skiing is a fun winter activity and any one can try it. It is also a perfect exercise to do. Skiing strengthens several muscle groups and it also helps you burn calories. About 500-640 calories can be burned when a 150-pound person went skiing for an hour.

Critical Care Providers Should Know

In 2009, the Baltimore Health Department conducted a survey for over 1,100 residents about their health needs in the Baltimore City Health Department’s Community Health Survey. The city wanted to understand the public perception of the city’s health services and the perception of current programs and policies, assess needs, and find gaps in service.

Healthy Baltimore 2015 is the department’s program to help improve the overall health of the community. It is a vigorous and aggressive agenda that presents a plan for dealing with the challenges of community health. Policy changes from the plan will focus on quality health care access, heart health, a tobacco free city, stopping the spread of STD’s, reducing drug and alcohol use, recognizing and treating mental health needs, encouraging early detection of cancer, creating healthy neigborhoods, and promoting health children.

Major Hospitals in Baltimore

Hospital Name



Johns Hopkins Hospital

733 N Broadway,  Baltimore, MD 21287

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University of Maryland Medical Center

22 South Greene Street,  Baltimore, MD 21201

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Franklin Square Hospital Center

9000 Franklin Square Drive,  Baltimore, MD 21237

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Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

2401 West Belvedere Avenue,  Baltimore MD 21215

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St. Agnes Hospital

900 S. Caton Ave,  Baltimore, MD 21229

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About Baltimore

Since 1729, Baltimore has been a city and still remains a busy seaport in the eastern US coast. Due to its location close to a lot of water on the coast and near Appalachian Mountains, Baltimore is a city that has many options for outdoor adventures.

The city is not considered a major tourist destination and it’s not a place Americans end up at when looking for hot vacation spots but it is a great place for anyone looking for an enjoyable and relaxing location for a trip. It may not offer huge attractions like theme parks and beaches like some big cities in the city but for those looking for a safe place to kick back and relax and for individuals who are looking for an adventure and fun without crowds of people, Baltimore is a perfect place.

Some of the most popular destinations for visitors and tourists are the places that the locals also enjoy on a daily basis. This includes the National aquarium, Maryland Science Center, and a variety of art centers and museums located around the city.

You will also find some great parks throughout the city which is the perfect place to have fun whether you’re a local or a visitor. Just take time to discover them to enjoy large ponds, fountains and also walking trails and access to natural areas perfect for bird watching and other outdoor activities.

Finally, Baltimore is more popularly known as a major seaport that offers some of the most delicious seafood restaurants in the country.

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