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Pacific Medical Training is the largest provider of 100% online emergency courses for doctors, first responders, nurses, EMTs and other professionals in California.

Why Pacific Medical Training

Pacific Medical Training offers 100% online emergency courses for medical professionals including doctors, paramedics, nurses and EMTs. Our courses are accepted across the United States and throughout the world. Each course includes everything you need to earn your card, plus a money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

ACLS Certification or Recertification Online

ACLS Certification Course If you’ve never been certified

ACLS Recertification Course If you’ve been certified in the past

We offer two different online courses for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, including courses for ACLS recertification in California. Our ACLS certification course is designed for medical professionals who have never been certified in the past. This course is longer and more extensive as it assumes no prior knowledge. We offer ACLS recertification in California for medical professionals who have been previously certified. This course is not as lengthy as it assumes previous experience.

No Waiting - Instant Provider Cards 24/7/365!

Each course now includes a free instant provider card that you can download and print as soon as you pass the exam (except EMS, who are required to pass skills test). This means you can renew your certification day or night 24/7/365! Use your instant card for immediate proof of certification until your hard copy wallet provider card arrives in the mail.

Accepted Nationwide

Our courses’ learning materials are completely web-based. Simply pass the course, download and print your instant provider card for immediate proof of coverage, and then wait for your hard copy wallet provider card to arrive in the mail. Pacific Medical Training courses are accepted throughout the United States and in most other countries including Canada, the UK and more.

For EMS departments that require a skills check (like Nebraska) we do provide a skills checklist which you can use to complete your certification after completing the online portion.

Based on the Latest AHA Guidelines

All of our courses are written by AHA-trained medical professionals and based on current AHA guidelines. ACLS courses are based on the latest 2015 AHA guidelines.

Save up to 15% When You Add PALS or BLS

Save 10% when you Buy 2 courses

Save 15% when you Buy 3 courses

We now also offer cert and recertification for Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support. Based on the latest AHA official guidelines, each can be completed entirely by computer and includes everything you will need to earn your card. Plus, our shopping cart will give you an automatic discount when you purchase more than 1. Save 10% off your order when you order any two courses and 15% when you order 3! We are your source for BLS recertification in California and the place where you can get PALS recertification in California as well!

Complete ACLS Courses with Everything Included

Each Advanced Cardiac Life Support course is complete and includes everything you will need to prepare for the exam and earn your card. Our site also has courses for ACLS renewal in California.

Each course includes the following: - Complete online training material


 Online Training Material Included 


 Printable PDF Training Material Included -   **Online exam with 3 takes**


 Convenient Online Exam 


 3 Exam Takes Included 


 Printable PDF Exam -   **Instant provider card**


 Instant PDF Provider Card Included -   **Hard copy wallet provider card**


 Hard Copy Provider Card Included -   **Free shipping for hard copy card**


 Free Hard Copy Card Shipping Included (for US customers) -   **Professional customer support**


 Phone Support 


 Email Support -   **3 month money back guarantee**


 3 Month Money Back Guarantee

PMT California News

March 4, 2013 - Don’t Think, Just Do CPR

An employee at an assisted-living facility, Glenwood Gardens, CA, refused to perform CPR when instructed to by a 911 operator. If you haven’t heard this story yet, the phone call has been released and you can hear it on YouTube. Dr. Benjamin Abella, clinical director, University of Pennsylvania Center for Resuscitation Science, recounts the situation including the critical fact, “after 12 minutes — the time it often takes for an ambulance to arrive — the chance of survival is already very, very low [after cardiac arrest].” It is important to start CPR right away while maintaining compressions at least 100 per minute. Read the full article.

PMT’s State News Archives

California FAQs

September 4, 2012 - Upcoming Cutting-Edge Heart Conference

The Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and the California Heart Center are hosting a one-day conference to discuss optimal care and new therapies for advanced heart disease. The event will take place on September 15, 2012 at the Riverside Marriott on 3400 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501. For further information, please call 310.423.5548.

PMT’s State News Archives

California FAQs

How many attempts will I receive when taking the California ACLS online?

Each CA ACLS course comes complete with full access to our online training material and up to 3 exam takes.

When does my current California PALS expire?

Your current CA PALS provider card should list a date of expiration. It will be two years from the date of your last certification before you need PALS renewal in California. If it is not listed, or you cannot find your current card, ask your employer who should have a record of your expiration date.

Can I call customer support to help process my California BLS order without a credit card?

Yes. If you would like to arrange another method of payment for your certification or BLS renewal in California, simply call our customer service department and we will be happy to help you with an alternative payment method. Ask about our courses for BLS recertification in California as well.

Critical Care Providers Should Know

Every year in California, the previous year is assessed as far as health concerns and crises. The state uses the information to both better understand its residents and find a way to treat and help them if there is a possibility to do so. California is proactive in identifying health trends and health risks and taking steps to educate the public about living healthy lives.

All of these statistics come from the Center for Disease Control and the California State Department of Health. - 14% of adults in California smoke - 20 - 24 % of adults are considered to be obese - 13.8% of adults have asthma - 22% of adults have arthritis - 9% of all adults in the state have diabetes - 8.4% of adults are on or eligible to receive disability - 21% of the residents of California are under insured or not insured at all - The life expectancy in California is 80.4 years - California has 343 hospitals

Every year, the California Department of Public Health releases a statement with five key goals for the year. The items included in that list are critical care, non-critical care, personnel matters, and trying to combat various illnesses and diseases that are affecting the general health of California residents. For example, some of their goals in 2010 were to increase the number of adults receiving the influenza vaccine, reduce cigarette smoking by adults, and reducing the number of adults that are obese. The goals are general in purpose in order to allow local physicians and other health care providers the ability to provide their input.

The state of California also recently released programs designed to help people pay for some of their health screenings, including cervical, prostate, breast, and HIV/AIDs. The goal is to people to willing be tested for various diseases early on so they are easier to cure and manage.

Major Hospitals in California

Hospital Name



Bakersfield Memorial Hospital

420 34th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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Kaiser Foundation Hospital

441 North Lakeview Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807

Click to View Full-Size

Anaheim General Hospital

3350 West Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92804

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Kindred Hospital Santa Ana

1901 College Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92706

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Parkview Community Hospital

3865 Jackson Street, Riverside, CA 92503

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About California

From the southern shores of beautiful San Diego to Disneyland in Anaheim; from the glamour of Los Angeles all the way up the coast to San Francisco, that beautiful City by the Bay; and further north yet, up to the towering majesty of Mt. Shasta near the Oregon border, California truly has enough variety to offer something for everyone.

The 31st state to be admitted to the Union in 1850, California beckoned pioneers and adventurers west during the height of gold rush fever. Its allure seems endless, as it marched along with the rest of the states into the 20th century and L.A. beamed bright with its promise of making anyone with the drive and vim & verve the opportunity to make it as a star. The City of Angels has long been the beacon west for many an actor, singer, writer and director. Los Angeles is also home to two of the state’s best universities – UCLA and USC. And who could forget exclusive “colonies” such as Malibu and the Hollywood Hills, where the elite mingle and live? Rodeo Drive is a nice street to tour….just bring your pocketbook. Spago, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, anyone?

Silicon Valley in Northern California has certainly spawned plenty of stars of its own in the technology field. San Francisco has plenty of charm of its own, with Marin County’s beauty and opulence, as well as great seats of learning such as Stanford and Berkeley.

The entire coastline of California is dotted with lush orchards, vineyards and farmland. It’s not all about Mickey Mouse, though when you’re in Anaheim or Burbank, he still has great influence! Beverly Hills continues to be a glamorous shopping mecca, with mansions for the ultra-chic and rich never in short supply.

You’ll find great surfing and water sports all the way from gorgeous La Jolla on up to Santa Barbara, then a bit further north to the quiet solitude of Half Moon Bay. Yes, California truly offers a plethora of activities and beautiful natural backdrops, with something sure to please anyone contemplating living in or visiting the Golden State.

California Cities

Los Angeles Info

San Diego Info

San Jose Info

San Francisco Info

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Fresno Info

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Oakland Info

Former Marine Remembers Training, Saves Father’s Life

A former Marine was in his car with his father and they were about to go shopping when suddenly, his father lost consciousness and he wasn’t responsive. He bumped the car on their neighbor’s place and he immediately took his father out of the car so that he can perform CPR on him. His training with the marines also enabled him to learn about life support techniques and mechanics, so he searched his knowledge base and he applied chest compressions on his father. Their neighbor also headed out to help them. His father was revived and taken to the hospital for further care.

Full story

Man meets 911 dispatcher that instructed his wife in CPR

Bill Fitzgerald collapsed suddenly and went into cardiac arrest in August. His wife Jeannie quickly called 911 and the dispatcher, Naomi Dale, gave her instructions to perform CPR while waiting for emergency services to arrive. The couple was recently able to meet Dale and thank her for her help. Dale was glad to be able to meet the couple and connect with the caller she had helped.

Full story